Hair Routine for Long Hair How To Wash Dry and Style

Hi in today’s post, I want to show you my hair care routine as you can see my hair is pretty long but also super fine.

So, I thought finding a hair care routine post would be a good idea maybe, I can share some tips and tricks post that are helpful hopefully technical. So and yeah, I don’t want to talk too much in the intro, I think that’s concentrate more on the routine part of the post, I will show you like everything, I how, I wash my hair how, I take care of it. I’ve no dry my hair how, I tie my hair everything step-by-step.

So, I really hope you enjoy and now let’s get started. So that’s me with third or fourth day here yes, I know the first thing, I do before washing the hair is then, I brush out my hair, I always do it little by little and, I always start from the bottom and then, I work my way up because this way, I won’t damage the hair, I know these things are like low things but they can really make a difference then when I’m done with that here comes my secret weapon raw coconut oil this one, I got that ready from Thailand. So it’s the best quality coconut oil.

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I’ve ever seen just because it’s like 100 percent raw they did not see any chemicals anything like that you know that’s very important by the way coconut oil prevents breakage moisturizes the hair boots blood circulation very rich in nutrients and it’s also antibacterial, I will spread it on my hair mainly concentrating more on the end because that’s my problematic area, I prefer doing these to the evening before, I wash my hair. So it stays on for the whole night while I’m sleeping you know that’s the best thing to do but if you don’t want to do that or if you don’t have the time or, I don’t know then you can also put it on right before you wash your hair and if it stays on for like an hour that’s also very very good then, I usually like to do a little bun on the top of my head it’s like very comfortable for me we for an hour or. So in this case and then I’m ready to wash my hair, I always employed twice by the way.

So it’s like nice and clean and then, I like to use a conditioner also on my end only, I like products they’re like more on the natural side you know infused with all types of oils oils are my thing like coconut oil is super good as, I mentioned argan oil and. So on these are the things you want to search for in products because these are really good for your hair okay now it’s time for blow-drying the hair first, I have to detangle it which is not that hard for me I’m lucky then, I like to use a little mousse on my room it will add some volume that, I like and need. So, I never skip this step right before starting blow-drying, I add a little of this nourishing serum for sweet and it has argan oil and jojoba oil in it and this one also offers a protection which is like a bonus now finally drying the hair which, I always do with my hair upside down for extra volume try this trick it’s really work now here comes the best part which makes wonders.

So my hair is not completely straight but, I don’t really like to use a straightener on my hair you know. So what, I will be doing is that, I will be using this brush and, I will brush my hair with it constantly while blow-drying my hair at the same time, I don’t do sections by the way because it works for me like this you know without protection and it’s also super quick. So this is the method I’m doing every single time I’m washing my hair and it works and, I really like how it looks now the final product I’m using is something like a BB cream it depends really is baby cream or some kind of oils you know but just the tiniest amount and, I will spread it all over my ends but will you have to put just a little bit of that because otherwise it would’ve greasy and you don’t want that now one more step how, I like this time, I here, I only do this when, I wash my hair.

So basically twice a week, I like to tease my roots a little bit. So, I do sections, I think the sections a little and then, I will also add some hairspray as well if you do it right and not too often it won’t damage the hair, I like to do this because you know it adds a lot of volume and also my hair won’t get greasy. So quickly it works for me.

So we wanted to share it with you as well by the way the end result won’t be that dramatic because you have to just brush it out a little bit and I’m always playing with my hair. So it loosens up very quickly. So that would be for this post, I really hope you enjoyed, I also hope you’ve seen something helpful ended to me we want to try out and we’re always curious about yourselves or if you have know some tips you also want to share don’t forget to leave us a comment down below thank you very much for reading please comment the let’s see hair blog and also thumbs up this post if you enjoyed it and, I wish you all the beautiful day but.

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