Hair Trick – Wrap Around Ponytail without Bobby Pins

Hi how are you doing. So today I’m going to show you a really really quick hair tip, I personally love to wear my work my hair in a ponytail if it’s my second day here third day hair or my hair is just a mess or it’s hot, I quickly pull my hair in a ponytail but, I usually don’t like to just have it in a regular ponytail my usual trick would be to grab a section of the hair and do sort of a wrap around ponytail trick and I’m sure a lot of you guys know what I’m talking about and we’ve done posts on that and usually what you would do your hair in a ponytail and then you grab the section of hair and you wrap it around the base of the ponytail and you pin it or sometimes.

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I’ve seen like Lela he had a like a special ponytail clipper thing that you can do it with that and like you loop the hair anyways a lot of complicated stuff has been created to achieve the look of a wraparound ponytail but recently, I was playing with my hair actually, I was going somewhere and my hair was just like a mess. So, I put my hair in a ponytail but then I’m like well, I don’t like just to have it in a ponytail and, I didn’t have a bobby pin with me. So, I kind of thought to myself okay let me try to figure this out and do it without a bobby pin and, I found a really quick trick that, I really wanted to share with you because it’s made my life a lot easier and, I know it’s gonna help a lot of you girls.

So let’s do it this chick works if you have if you’re doing a side ponytail or anything really. So just put your hair in a regular ponytail and grab a section of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. So you want to pull on the elastic that’s at the bottom of the base of the ponytail here.

So you want to pull it and create a little gap and then you want to take your section. So the section that you’ve been wrapping around the base and you want to pull it through that loop. So that’s all you’re doing here and once you pulled it you want to just pull it tighter until you can’t pull it any more depending on how long your hair is you might have it here sticking out like if you have layers you probably that probably won’t happen because your here is shorter it’s not all lengths like mine and you know you have hair here at the base.

So you can just slide the hair in. So if it’s really bothering you you can just hide it in there and here it is it’s gone but, I usually don’t mind that it’s just you know hair underneath the hair. So that’s really it my lovelies um the reason, I love this trick.

So much better than you know using bobby pins or any other method because it’s easy fast and also because a lot of times when you just put a bobby pin first of all the button will show and second of all sometimes they here unravels later in like ten minutes or half an hour later in the day and you don’t even know but it’s like gone or like fall off your hair but with this method it’s really not going anywhere it’s really stable and strong and like. I’ve worn it like for a whole day straight and it’s just there it’s really tight and perfect at the same time and please also share with us what are your quick hair tips thank you. So much for Tinian i love and, I want.

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