Hair Tutorial: Blake Lively’s Ponytail & Hairstyles

Today I am doing a Blake Lively ponytail, then honor of this very throwback situation I print out a Green Sheet because when I started my channel Gossip Girl was just starting at like 50% of my Orioles where Blake Lively hairstyles.

The Green Sheet as in a mosh to all of you who are still watching me I know you green cheaters are out there so bring that back around Undo the hairstyle the way she wore it I’m going to show you guys I fast easy everyday if you like the messy tousled ponytail but you don’t want to spend you know 20 minutes on it you want that 5 minute tutorial I got you so let’s get started.

Hair Tutorial: Blake Lively’s Ponytail & Hairstyles Photo Gallery

With the ponytail at the hair is what they did before they even put the hair up so we’re going to go over that really quickly kind of get to hear tutorials, 1 today Light switches available at Sephora I will link that post if you did not see it for select Your hair into two or three sections, curl the hair going the same direction with your wand what you’re going to do is after you wrap the hair around the wand, then you take it off you’re going to give it a quick little tug, that basically opens up the wave loose from the wave, gives it that fluffy look without a ton of extra work, your hair doesn’t curl easily you can leave it in a ringlet to cool, then just on the end it’s cool, you’ll still get the same effect.

Nail first steps to we texturize, basically this is what you can skip to if you don’t feel like curling your hair totally valid to just blew over to texturize again Increase TVD would be really good for this as well I’m going to use the Kristen s working texture spray this stuff is wrong one of my favorites it as texture, hold which is super important, you can see I’m also like pulling my hair apart as I spray it it just kind of Right I want to add a touch more definitions.

I’m going to use the Kenra texturizing Taffy, this you just needs a tiny bit, like run it through, scrunch it’s kind of funny but this is generally that mermaid waves, now Then slowly take back sections as we move forward towards the hairline first things first you’re going to separate your hair from right here at the end of where your part would be too all the way down behind your ears, that’s all going to go into a ponytail so we’re going to be working with of smoking section, then sections over our ears so I’m going to start by putting up that Mohawk section now we’re going to hit twice so you’re going to go top right left, then top-right left.

let’s go Over the bobby pin once, push the hair up for a tiny bit of volume, put it in place you don’t need a ton of volume just enough to look like you wash your hair to the right direction back first, you’re going to twist it, put it over the section we just end, now we do the same thing on the left side End for the section we’re going to take most of it back except for the stuff around the very front of the hairline sweet this back will keep you the texture as much as you can, hidden place over our previous twisting apart this so I can see it is, now for the right side we’re also going to leave out just the pieces in front on this side sweetie back twisted.

Clear bits down, switch it back Twisted into it now comes the fun part where the Spine, Pain them in place is something that Rod Ortega her hair stylist love to do if you want to follow how Blake did it basically everything gets kind of told in little pieces, it all his pulled up to 10 of the top section, you kind of like pool, your eye the goal is really just to create as many layers as you can so I can pin in different areas overlap things as much as you want to that will bring more interest to the hairstyle that will make it look more complex, at this point you’ll probably have some ends in the back that look less than what you’re going to do is Twist them, lay them right next to the very last with that we did so it looks like it oldest those together.

End of the top area of the ponytail I’m assuming that this was probably just at the root, then kind of smooth over to get it bigger I just Change the base of a ponytail to make it fluffier, more perky so that’s what I’m going to do, that is the Finish ponytail I hate I really like this it’s been awhile since I’ve really felt like a ponytail look, I’m into it Going to pull more of it back into the ponytail so basically everything in front of your ears is going to stay in the front everything else goes in a ponytail, when you make this funny as hell make it messy because we’re not doing all those other sections back okay so I’m going to just going to wrap it up with my fingers so just pull back.

Let it end Row free if you want to I love my tendrils, I want to keep this text so don’t go like that defeats the purpose just, now I’m going to go to the right sweep back twist in time another thing you can do with your fingers. Add it gives it a little bit more that surprised look I’m assuming if you like this hairstyle you like that so You can apply little clippies Ortiz if you want to, it’s super similar but it’s so much easier, obviously a Reliance a lot on texture so I would just say if you’re not going to curl your hair or whatever or maybe if you’re working with second day curls just like throw a ton of texturizing products, there to get that like oh I’m doing this on purpose look you’re good to go Both dream really can be like a great formal hairstyle or a great like thing to mix into your everyday like weekly routine it’s awesome but I hope you guys love it hope you try it out.

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