Haircut Ideas For Long Hair With Side Bangs

Pest protection for good hair

Pesky nits are an unwelcome pest guest for hair and they have a tendency to keep coming back. Any parent whose child has had them knows the embarrassment associated with being told their child ‘has nits’.

The persistent scratching can damage and irritate the scalp and lead to hair that is knotty and full of tangles, plus it is a dead giveaway that you (or your child) are the host carrying the infestation.

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The Facts: Head lice can be eliminated without using toxic harsh chemicals and without spending lots of money. The key is in the comb. A recent study found that using a fine tooth comb especially designed for head lice on wet hair was four times more effective in getting rid of head lice than head lice shampoos.37

However, combing with such a fine utensil can be damaging to your fragile, wet hair. Coating the hair in coconut oil makes it easier for the comb to glide through the hair and has been found to be effective in the war against head lice by suffocating adult and juvenile nits.38

Many lice have become resistant to the most commonly used pesticides in lice shampoos. The healthconscious approach is one which does not seek to apply pesticides or insecticides to the scalp and have it absorbed into the blood to be circulated throughout the body.

According to researchers, neem seed oil is an effective natural head lice remedy and is highly effective against all stages of head lice.38

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