To improve the thickness and condition of your hair, take a daily sea kelp supplement. This broad-fronded seaweed comes in several varieties but all are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.


A no-no in the minds of most parents back in the day. Tattoos were more or less limited to members of the military. It was fairly common during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Then they were put on the no shelf until recently. In case you haven’t noticed, they are back! I remember very distinctly my father wondering what kind of music I was listening to when I was playing Roy Hamilton is Ebb Tide on my 45 RPM record player. His words went something like this: Is that what they are calling music these days? He grew up in the Rudy Vallee era, to which I might have said, Is that what they called music in your day? Needless to say, Hamilton and Vallee are absolutely benign compared to what today is teens enjoy. (I think I just helped make my own point.) My own contribution to the continuum was questioning my son is fondness for the Grateful Dead. There was one occasion in which I was driving him and a friend someplace, a ballgame or such. I was playing oldies, which, in this case, means a selection of music from the fifties. The kids laughed at the music.

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