Haircut for long face thin hair

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Glass eye droppers for dispensing essential oils, found in pharmacies and by direct mail. Haircut for long face thin hair It is good to have a dozen or so droppers to use when a recipe calls for many essential oils. To clean them, wipe off essential oil and soak the glass part in alcohol for several minutes, then allow to air-dry.

Grater Knife

Measuring spoons and cups. Pyrex or other heat proof measuring cup in 8-oz., 16-oz., and 32-oz. sizes, preferably with spouts for pouring. Try to get measuring cups that measure in 1-oz. or 1/2 -0Z. gradations.

Rags made from old socks and clothing do a much better job than paper towels when cleaning oily residue from jars, spoons, blenders, etc. Rags are the preferred choice environmentally as well. You will save time and hassle if you thoroughly wipe off equipment used for any recipe containing oil or beeswax, such as creams and salves, before washing it with soap and hot water. Rubber spatulas for removing creams and other products from blenders, bowls, jars and cups.

Scale that measures in ounces or less than 1-oz. gradations. Although not absolutely necessary, a scale can make the preparation of certain formulas much easier.

Seed/Coffee grinder or mortar and pestle for grinding seeds, nuts and herbs in small quantities.

Wire mesh strainers of varying mesh size for sifting powders and straining infusions and tinctures.

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