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“Breathe” how often have we said this to ourselves when we are tense and stressed? Although breathing occurs without our conscious control, Haircut for short hair men it can be affected to quite a considerable extent as we start to tense up, with a tightening of the chest muscles, which restricts any lung expansion.

The tightening feeling in the chest can be extremely uncomfortable, and you should most certainly seek expert medical advice at the first onset if it appears on the left-hand side of the body. Assuming that it is nothing too serious, though, your first consideration is to make sure that you start to relax, and begin breathing deeply and regularly. Take your time, and do not rush this. It is important that you regulate your controlled breathing sensibly.

Once you are happy that you have taken every step to calm down, shutting out whatever the cause might be, you can try the following steam inhalation. The key to success is making an aromatic blend. This is best done by taking a bowl of steaming water and adding 3 drops Benzoin, 2 drops Marjoram and 2 drops Eucalyptus. Mix them all together, leave to stand for a couple of minutes, and then with a covering towel placed over your head, begin inhaling deeply. You will soon notice the beneficial effects.

As the oils vaporize, inhole the steam deeply. If you hold a towel over your head this will slow down the evaporation.

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