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Studies at Yale University show that ‘bad hair days’ really can effect self esteem, increase self-doubt and intensify insecurities. Haircut styles for short hair back and front Women perceive their capabilities to be significantly lower when their hair doesn’t look good, so time spent _ v with the dryer is time well spent.

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As time went on I realised just how effective ‘clean’ eating was and how it enhanced my life in so many ways. I decided that alongside the exercise stuff, I would include a Kiwi Clean Eating Guide, with recipes. I also wanted to talk about mental makeup, confidence, self-love and the idea that looking after yourself physically leads to more general wellbeing and confidence, which wasn not really being talked about in that beauty space at that time. That would be my difference in the market. I thought a lot about what helped me stay motivated, and that is when I came up with ‘believe, belong, become’ as a guiding principle: Believe in yourself, your dreams, your goals, your ideas, your thoughts, your words, your voice and your abilities. If you believe in yourself, feel happy with who you are, and work on being the best version of yourself possible, you also become a better mum, wife, friend and employee. Self-belief is key. Belong to something positive and encouraging that is aligned to your goals. You can choose to surround yourself with negativity or with positivity; it is up to you to decide what will be part of your world. Own your goals emotionally and physically, really feel them and share them with others to make yourself accountable.

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