Haircuts for long straight hair and oval face


Lie on your back, hands behind your head and legs together knees bent.

Twist the legs from side to side, keeping the back and hips on the floor

Slowly return to the upright position and bend to the other side. Repeat.


I Keeping the legs and hips still, roll your upper body around in a clockwise circle.

Move slowly and carefully, and only as far as is comfortable.


I Stand with feet apart and hands on hips. Bend down to one side.

I Sit on the floor with both legs straight 2 Slowly lie back, then start to bend the 3 Sit up, Haircuts for long straight hair and oval face bend forwards, clasp your legs out in front of you. legs and raise them off the floor and slowly return to the sitting position.

Office tensions and stiff muscles

For people who spend their working day sitting at a desk it is very easy to get stiff, aching muscles. Badly designed chairs do not help, and as you get tired, so posture suffers and you can end up getting round-shouldered. It is therefore absolutely essential that every now and again you get up and walk around, relax your body, and try some of these excellent loosening-up exercises.

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