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The Vital Force at Work

Most of the time we are completely and utterly unaware of this sophisticated balancing process which is entirely automatic and pre-programmed through our genetic make-up. We can certainly observe it in action when we contract an acute illness Haircuts for women over (i.e. one that arises suddenly) such as a fever or a cough. What we may not always realize is that the fever is really a necessary, natural function and that it actually “burns up the infection, and that the cough exists to prevent any active accumulation of mucus in the lungs. The body is extremely resourceful. However, chronic diseases (i.e. those that develop slowly, or are of long duration) might well need outside help, and a consultation with an experienced, professional practitioner We are all born with a vital force that oversees our health using remedies When’first taking a homeopathic remedy, you might well be totally bewildered how anyone could possibly know that a certain recipe of mixed ingredients is the one that is best for you. In fact there is no guesswork. The exact remedies for all kinds of problems have been known and listed for hundreds of years. The technique is precise and proven, and the beauty of it is that remedies can be subtly fine-tuned to suit your particular ailment.

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