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Essential Hair Oil Steams /Oily/Acne

Some good essential oil choices for acne are lavender, melissa, rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass, tea tree, tangerine and sage.

Place 1-3 drops of essential oil of choice into a bowl that already contains steaming water just before lowering your face over the bowl. Haircuts for women Proceed with extra caution when placing your face over the bowl, as the essential oil vapors could irritate your eyes. Note that the steam will carry the essential oils out into the air and dissipate rapidly, so you may need to add a few more drops in the middle of your steam treatment. Follow directions for Basic Steam Technique on 5.

Deep Pore Caress

Use 1/2 oz. or a palmful of the following freshly dried herbs: yarrow, echinacea root (cut), calendula flowers, chamomile flowers

Make herbal infusion with herbs and tions for Facial Hot Packs on 7.

These facial scrubs are formulated from dry ingredients that are ground together, moistened and then used to scrub the skin. They contain ingredients that are antimicrobial, astringent and healing to promote a healthy, clear complexion. They gently cleanse and polish, providing excellent exfoliation. Scrubs also help to nourish the skin by stimulating circulation. A scrub is used like a soap-and-water wash, but tends to leave the skin smoother and less stripped of its protective oils. If you generally use soap on your face, you may want to replace it altogether with a scrub, since the latter contains no harsh detergents or artificial scents. Keep in mind that scrubbing too hard can further damage skin that is broken out, so it is important to scrub very gently. Vigorous scrubbing can also make oily skin oilier by stimulating the oil-producing sebaceous glands. Grinding the scrubs to a fine powder will lessen their abrasive and irritating effects. These scrub formulas can also be left on the face and used as facial mask for more sustained cleansing or placed directly on blemishes to clear them up.

The Echinacea Clove Scrub and Rose Blossom Sage Scrub found in the first chapter are excellent formulas for clearing up teenaged skin as well as the following formulas.

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