Haircuts for girls with layers


Stand upright with your feet slightly apart and your shoulders relaxed.

Lift your shoulders up as high as they will go, then let them fall down again. Haircuts for girls with layers Stay relaxed and repeat a few times.

Wheel your arms around from the shoulders in slow, large circles.

Do this a few times going backwards, then repeat circling your arms forwards.

Stand with your feet slightly apart, hands on hips. Go slowly into a squat.

Slowly return to a standing position, then repeat. Your back should be upright.


I In a standing position with feet comfortably apart and knees relaxed, swing your arms loosely backwards and forwards around your body.

Keep your head and body facing forward all the time, and keep your feet and pelvis still. Repeat a few times to loosen your arms and shoulders.


I Try to relax and let your whole body go completely floppy. Shake your limbs to release any tension.Continue for as long as you feel comfortable. If you prefer shake each limb in sequence, starting with your right arm.

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