Haircuts For Long Faces With Bangs


Don't use a brush on wet hair, as this could damage it. Instead, use a widetoothed comb to gently ease out knots. But giving dry hair the traditional brushing before bedtime will benefit your locks because it stimulates growth and oil production. Natural bristle brushes are gentlest on the hair.

Gravity in what may be its most dangerous state.

The word brings to mind another aspect of gravity.

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Falling falling. There I have said it again.

Aside from drawing that last breath and looking for that supposed light at the end of that dark tunnel (are we to believe that the road to heaven is actually through a tunnel? ), there are few things that also terrify us about falling. Broken hips, broken pelvises, even a broken arm can lead to the end of the road and to the tunnel. And do not even think about a fractured skull.

Too often, the accident, assuming you did not fall intentionally, leads to bed rest and extended inactivity. That, in turn, can lead to a condition called hypostatic pneumonia. Another scary word without a ‘G’.

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