Haircuts for long hair with bangs round face


Pigtails and bunches are best left to 10-year-olds. Plastic bobbles, Haircuts for long hair with bangs round face floral clips and glitter scrunchies will only serve to emphasize your lack of youthfulness.

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A man got in touch with me via social media, claiming that he had been in an online relationship with me for several years. Only it hadn not been me he had been talking to a woman who was using my photos, stolen from my various social media accounts. (I soon learnt there was a term for this, ‘catfishing’; a catfish is a person who sets up a fake profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.) At first, I didn not pay his messages much notice, but when he started sending me screenshots of their interactions, which were full of photos of me selfies, as well as me going about my daily life, playing netball, hanging out with friends I realised the magnitude of the situation. This man had been in an on/off online relationship with this person for close to seven years, and for the bulk of this time, my photos had been used. I felt sick it was like I had been the non-consensual third wheel to this dysfunctional affair. Interestingly, it was the boxing event I took part in that ultimately led to the woman is discovery. It was a New Zealand woman, living in South Auckland, who had stolen my identity, but using a different name. She had sent the man, an American boxer, photos of my fight, but when he asked to see video footage of it he was genuinely excited for her and her win she told him that there was none. Being a boxer himself, he thought this was unusual, so looked up the name of the gym on her boxing kit.

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