Haircuts long layers straight

Whatever the cause, try and stop what you are doing at the first available opportunity, Haircuts long layers straight and take a break. Impractical though it sounds, it is the only way to stop the massive build-up of a nasty headache.

Try to draw the curtains, and to create a deep, dark relaxing astmosphere shut off from the outside world. Besides the massage described on the right, see if you can find time to make yourself a wonderful warm compress. If the head feels at all hot, then try using an oil infused with 4 drops of Peppermint Another option is 4 drops of Chamomile.

I Use small circling movements just under the bony edge of the skull.

I Ease tension headaches by massaging oils gently into the forehead. With your thumbs, use steady but gentle pressure to stroke the forehead. Repeat this technique for several minutes.

2 Now gently squeeze the neck muscles in a slow, rhythmic way.

2 Gently massage the temples with the fingers to release tension and stress.

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