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Iron in Red Blood Cells

The iron in red blood cells is attached to the protein haemoglobin. Oxygen from the lungs binds to the iron and is carried to all tissues in the body.

Skin on the abdomen, thighs, hips, and breasts can be scarred by stretch marks caused by breaks in the connective tissue and other elastic-like fibres (elastin) in the skin. Zinc and copper are necessary for the normal formation and cross-linking of these support tissues. A deficiency of these

Factors that contribute to poor zinc status include low meat consumption; Haircuts for round faces black women increased consumption of refined cereals, breads, and other grain products; reliance on convenience foods; and a hair diet high in sugar and fat. Zinc absorption is reduced when large amounts of calcium are consumed. Zinc is also poorly absorbed wrhen the hair diet is too high in fibre. Fibre binds to zinc in the intestines and carries the mineral out of the body. Although the body stores zinc, these stores are not easily retrieved in times of need and a daily hair dietary7 source of the mineral is necessary to maintain normal body processes.

Good sources of zinc include seafood, oysters, meats, milk, and wrhole grain bread and cereal. The zinc in foods from animal sources is absorbed more readily than that in vegetables and grains.

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