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Calcium, magnesium and potassium are all essential for the growth of thick, healthy hair. Snack regularly on almonds that are packed with these nutrients and contain more calcium than any other nut.

The bucket list hits the trash. Their language takes a deep dive. No more complete sentences.

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Goo goo and Ga ga and all kinds of unnatural gurgling noises erupt spontaneously. Now their world revolves around that little bitty person who will carry on their genes. Every waking moment is consumed by that next-generation bundle of joy.

They profess to love it, and they must, because it seems that all their decisions revolve around being close to, and having frequent access to, the chubby cherubs. It is imperative they live within striking distance, whether by foot, bike, or car. Or, when necessary, close to an airport.

I do want to confess at this stage of the game, to being from the W.

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