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While I was testing this product out I was thinking of places that I could would use it like coffee house gigs, wineries, and even playing at church. Acoustic musicians always seem more strapped to amplifiers and PA systems than electric guitarists. Besides allowing you to go totally wireless and play in stereo the PanaMag transmitter also acts as a feedback exterminator’ as it rests in your sound hole, so you won’t have to worry about unnecessary feedback as the stage volume around you increases. Keep in mind that it is designed to fit into a Standard Round Sound Hole, so if your instrument has a different style sound hole if won’t fit. If you’ve always dreamed of cutting the cable and having more freedom at gigs and around the stage the Shadow SH PanaMag Wireless could be your dream acoustic guitar accessory. Eric Dahl

You’ve watched your musical heroes take the stage to thunderous applause, Haircuts with layers adulation and love, and you burn for that, for yourself. You’ve decided to answer the call to write music, to write songs. The call has whispered in your ears for years. You are now ready to embrace it, and you are at the beginning of your journey. I congratulate you, and would offer you a few suggestions for you consideration (if you are open to hearing from someone who has trudged this path for decades now).

Warning: A songwriter’s life is not what you think it is.


Music is more than a bouquet of sweet vibrations; it is something from a higher world, which we humans have been given the power to invoke. Artists are alchemists, with our hands in the holy. The Sacred. Yes, there is great power in the creation of music, but also great danger. The journey of the artist is filled with pitfalls. Where there is great beauty and the power to move millions, there is always great risk.

Song-writing is a noble calling that requires more than talent and perseverance. It requires courage. If you are willing to face yourself and honestly reveal in your songs what you’ve seen in that unveiling, then you have a chance of writing songs that will outlive you. What can we gain by walking on the moon and planets if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages, and it is the job of the artist. The object of art is not to make sellable products. It is to save one’s self, and to be a part of saving us all. Either we tell our story, or our story tells us. We can narrate, or be narrated. So dig deep, and reveal what you uncover. An artist’s job is to speak the truth, even if his or her voice shakes.

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