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Repeat on the other side.

Reach as far as is comfortable, then slowly return to the upright and hand down the inside of the samJeg., repeat on the other side.

For the tree routine, stand on one I and bend the other knee, as shown.

Either place your palms together above your head, or raise the hands.

For the arm and leg stance, stand on one leg and hold the other foot behind.

Tired and aching leg revivers Most of us spend too long each day with our legs stuck in fixed positions, Haircuts women bangs and stiffness of the lower limbs from inactivity or tension can make you feel quite tired. Legs benefit from being stretched, keeping them toned and supple. These exercises prevent the legs, thighs and lower back from getting too tense. Since some of these positions are quite difficult, do beware of straining yourself.


Sit on the floor; with one leg out straight and the other bent so that the foot rests on the inner thigh of your extended leg. Do it with care.

The previous stretch can be extended by starting with both legs straight out in front of you. Repeat as described.

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