Haircuts for women with round chubby faces

Wardrobe tip: Packing a great swimsuit is a no-brainer but most people forget a swimsuit cover-up. A beach bag, flip-flops, a sun hat, and oversized sunglasses are a must. Don’t forget to pack a few summer dresses, shorts, tank tops, and a couple of nice evening dresses. Adventure Escapade If you’re the kind of couple that loves excitement, your honeymoon itinerary is probably full of potential adventures and thrills. Although it’s easier to pack for this kind of a honeymoon, there are certain things that you must not compromise on. Must-have beauty essentials: Carry a couple of packets of cucumber or aloe vera wet wipes and you’re sorted. Haircuts for women with round chubby faces A travel-size scented deodorant along with an insect repellent is a must have. A dry shampoo will be your saviour. It’s practical, convenient to use, and keeps you fresh. Also, pick an aromatic body butter or body lotion to keep your skin soft and smooth. Keep it natural with just a BB cream, mascara, and some lip-gloss. Wardrobe tip: Pack comfortable clothes like shorts. Linen pants that can be teamed up with tank tops are a good idea. Opt for comfortable walking shoes.

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