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By using a gelatin (protein) product, improvements have been noted in hair thickness, and reduces hair loss. I can verify this by my own experience, and many of my clients. They’ve been feeding this stuff to horses for years for stronger, glossy, thicker manes and hooves…it works! (of course us humans get a different formula) Note: Be patient! Depending on individual, it can take up to 3 months to see result for any added supplementation. Product I like: Great Lakes Gelatin. It has the nine essential amino acids (making it a ‘complete’ protein) and many more. Great for joints , healthy skin and nails also! I use the one in the green can, it’s hot and cold water soluble.

Beautiful, strong hair starts from the inside. Vitamins A through E are specific to healthy hair. along with gett’ng enough protein for hair strength. By the way, stress is the #1 cause of hair loss. If you’re losing hair, look to see if it has a tiny bulb at one end. If it does, the root is not gett’ng the nourishment it needs to stay attached. If no bulb, the hair is likely over-processed or excessively dry to the point that it’s breaking.

Another supplement that is gett’ng impressive results is Biotin. Several clients with thinning hair have noticed significant new growth, especially around receding hairlines. Products I like: Nature Made or VitalChoice supplements. They cost more, but use quality, tested ingredients.

IMPORTANT FACT…I, and many of my clients, have been told by our physicians that mos people today are dangerously deficient of Vitamin D. Hair loss could be a sign you’re deficient. The main source we get Vitamin D is from the sun…and we women have learned to avoid the sun and use sunscreens. Your doctor can test you for this and prescribe you with the necessary amount to get back on track.

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