Hairstyle Evolution Of Jennifer Aniston

Hairstyle Evolution Of Jennifer Aniston

Hi jenna beans here with girly do hairstyles com we are going to show you how we do our our full braid headband we posted a picture the other day, and a lot of people want to know how we do our so we are going to go ahead, and show you I am gonna have being start out first off let me tell you that.

I have it parted from about the top of your ear all the way to the top of this year I like mine you know I like to have enough hair to work with I do not want to work with just a very small section, and I like the head down to sit about back here.

Okay then I have the rest just kind of put back a nice little clippie to keep it out of my way now what we are going to do I am going to have her take a little scoop forward with her tush voldemort both morning okay go ahead, and lay down okay so the best thing you need is put forward a tiny bit more there you go best thing to do honestly is just to have them lay down hopefully that is still in the shot there once you have her laying down comfortably.

So that you can reach this side of her hair this is how we found it the best way to do it so we have her lay down on my lap nice, and comfortable now she has a lot of flyaways around her face so we are just gonna kind of spray your hair down avoid spraying her in the eyes.





Loose beachy curls:

Loose beachy curls

Short hair:

Short hair

Short hair

Short hair

1. Formal Bun:

Formal Bun

2. Messy Curls:

Messy Curls

3. Side Braid:

Side Braid

4. Fringe:


5. Side Parting Ponytail:

Side Parting Ponytail

6. Hair Roll Pony:

Hair Roll Pony

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