Nail color that looks good on dark skin

TRIED! TESTED! LOVED! I’m in love with these craft kits from Ellie Crate. They have everything you need to sew your own felt owl christmas stockings. Get one for R55 from PRINTED GIFT BAGS THESE FAB GIFT BAGS ARE SO EASY TO MAKE – AND THEY LOOK CUTE IN A HEAP UNDER THE TREE Cotton or hessian fabric Scissors Needle and thread or sewing machine White fabric paint Tree stamp or stencil (you can also make a potato stamp) Red ribbon Christmas bells Cut out enough fabric to suit the size of the gift. Fold the fabric in half, then sew a round three sides of the fabric to create a bag. Turn inside out. Stamp the tree design on the front and leave to dry. Once it’s dry, place a gift inside and tie it closed with a ribbon and bell. FESTIVE PAPER STARS A GREAT WAY TO JAZZ UP PLAIN GIFT WRAP Large star punch or scissors Paper from an old book, newspaper or magazine Glue gun Use a star punch and make stars from the pages of an old book or magazine. If you don’t have a punch, make a stack of a few pages, trace a star on the first one, then hold them firmly together and cut them out. Place some glue in the middle of the stars and glue one star on top of another, then fold up the edges of the stars to get a 3D effect. Glue the stars onto wrapped gifts, Christmas cards or anything that needs a touch of festive cheer.

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