Hairstyles For Very Fine Thin Hair

Reportedly, many black women who chemically process their hair choose to do so with at-home box kit relaxers. These relaxers can be up to $70 cheaper than a chemical process at a salon. The truth is the better quality relaxers are sold exclusively to salon professionals. A licensed cosmetologist has been trained to apply relaxers in the proper manner.

They can usually assure the scalp is not burned by the chemical and the hair is not over processed. My advice is that if you decide that chemically relaxing your hair is your preferred method of caring for your hair, let a trained professional service you.

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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony”

Thomas Merton

Hair loss is quickly becoming a growing (no pun intended) and major concern for many women and men. The truth is that hair loss can cause a great deal of insecurity within the person having the experience.

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