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Founded by Madame Jeanne Gatineau in 1932, Gatineau was one of the first skincare brands to develop exofliants and slimming creams, and also one of the first to discover the benefits of various antioxidants such as green tea and other vitamins. Gatineau, expert of face anti-aging cares, celebrates its 84 years of expertise, professionalism and innovative beauty. Nathalie Benisty, Beauty Trainer of Gatineau shares with us about the wonders of Gatineau products and how the brand has now been reformulated and recreated with modern and innovative ingredients.

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Eventually, I made peace with Mum, and when I was eight months pregnant I moved back in with her. She and my sisters took care of me; they made me endless chocolate cakes and did all of the housework so I didn not have to, and I just got bigger and bigger! At my heaviest I reached 100kg. I went to Hawera Hospital when labour started, but it wasn not a straightforward birth. The baby was ten days overdue by then, I wasn not dilating the way I should be, and there were signs he was becoming distressed. I was transferred by ambulance to New Plymouth Hospital. During the long labour (about twenty-four hours) I had many visitors sisters, cousins, parents, friends. Our son was born on 25 May 1998, with his cord around his neck, slightly blue and covered in dark green meconium. Quite a sight! He was also floppy from the pethidine I had been given, and his Apgar results were poor. He was put into an incubator, and after being transferred back to Hawera, we stayed in hospital for a few weeks. At first, I was anxious, worried I would done something wrong during the pregnancy.

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