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Causes of Hair Loss

Genetics – If most of your ancestors have thinning hair and bald spots, then you may have inherited a genetic type of baldness. This is often referred to as female-pattern or male-pattern baldness.

Age – If you are over 30 years old, then you become more susceptible to hair loss. Hair loss develops slowly and can continue on for 10 to 20 years.

Hormones – Some hormones in our body play a major role in hair loss. The abnormal levels of testosterone, androgen, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can cause the death of some of your hair follicles, particularly in the frontal and crown areas.

Steroids and similar products – Anabolic steroids, dose-pack steroids, whey-based supplements, Prednisone and DHEA often cause hair loss with continued and prolonged usage.

Stress – When you are exposed to a lot of stress, the rate of your hair loss can increase. Although stress-related hair loss is temporary, the effect could be really obvious.

Environmental Factors – Different environmental factors can cause hair loss. These include:

1. Smoking and Pollution – the toxins, chemicals and carcinogens found in the air and cigarette smoke can cause your hair to stop growing.

2. Selenium – Small doses of selenium are typically found in water and food, but continuous selenium intake, to the point of toxicity, can cause hair loss.

3. Lead, mercury, iron, and copper – Although it is perfectly normal to come in contact with these elements, you should know that they can affect your hair growth.

Underlying Medical Conditions – Anemia, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, autoimmune diseases and drastic weight loss can cause hair loss. For women, oral contraceptive, excess Vitamin A, and sedative intake may also affect the growth of hair.

Pregnancy – Pregnant women tend to suffer from temporary hair loss because of their chaotic hormonal balance. However, some women experience the hair loss only after the baby is delivered.

Menopause – About 60% of menopausal women experience significant hair loss because of the estrogen level drop in the body. Menopausal hair loss is temporary, but those who have inherited genetic hair loss may suffer permanently.

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