Hairstyles for oval faces

Traditional Cornrows Photo Demo:

Colors have been added to the pictures to demonstrate the process

Step 1: Part Desired Section of Hair.

Step 2: Grip Client’s Hair, Make 3 Separate sections. white, red, blue.

Step 4: Take an equal size amount from part and pull over right section.

Step 5: Now right is incorporated into parted section.

Step 6: Continue process, Keep alternating from left to right. Keep braid attached to scalp.

For the ladies, synthetic extensions can be applied to add length to the cornrow.

Braid Time 3-4 hours.

Hairstyles for oval faces Photo Gallery

Clients should have the complete attention of the staff, and should be able to have their wishes honored in such matters as talking or not during a treatment, being left alone or not, exercising their options with respect to clothing, and generally in all matters where client choice will influence the way the service is delivered. Most importantly, beauty spa personnel are responsible for explaining what will happen or is happening during a procedure or treatment. They are required to observe the correct procedures in delivering services, particularly those that require trained and experienced staff with expertise in providing the service, and meet all expectations related to the beauty spa’s standard operating procedures, as well as the requirements of licensing agencies if they are licensed practitioners. One of their primary responsibilities is to give clients information and assistance as they leave the beauty spa, about what they can do when they get home to extend the benefits of their visit. This includes information that will enable clients to continue certain routines that will extend the benefits of the beauty spa service they have received. Guests may also want to purchase products that have been used for their beauty spa treatments, and staff should be helpful, but never to the point of urging a product on a guest that the guest is not inclined to purchase. Unacceptable Staff Behaviors There are also some staff behaviors that are considered unacceptable, and should be reported to the beauty spa director or someone else with supervisory authority if you observe them. The staff may not discriminate, or refuse to provide services to a guest, on the basis of the guest’s handicap or any factor in the medical history that the client has provided. Staff are also not allowed to manipulate the schedule or individual staff assignments, in order to show preference for some clients, or avoid serving others. Someone on the beauty spa staff will have responsibility for scheduling guests for services, and therapists may not interfered with or change that, either because they especially do want to work with a particular guest, or especially don’t want to work with another, for whatever reason.

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