Hairstyles to thicken hair

So before we get started on the tricks, tips, and techniques of hair braiding let’s go over some hair braiding basics. In order to master any technique; we must use the proper tools. With the styles used in this blog, the basic tools needed are:

1 Rat Tail Comb (mainly for parting hair)

Hair Clips

Bobby Pins

Hair Oil

Synthetic Hair (4-5 packs for full single styles)

Human Hair (2-3 bulks for full micro braided styles)

Latch Hook (for interlock styles)

Synthetic Pre-Braided hair for interlock (10-25 packs depending on style)

Bone Rollers (size determined by the size of the curl)

Make sure to reserve yourself some time, grab your favorite DVDs, & tons of Snacks

Once you have gathered these items you are ready to start braiding.

Author’s Note: WAIT! before we begin; remember braiding and mastering the technique takes time and practice. You may not be inspired by your first braided style; but do not under any circumstances let that stop you from trying again. When I did my first official braid with extensions (on my doll Bianca’s head at age 10); it was one of the worst jobs I had ever done. But I was so proud of myself for trying that I kept up at the work with my other dolls and now years later I am able to write a blog about how to do it. So never give up.

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