Hairstyles For Toddlers With Curly Hair

Wash and Go Method:

Step One: In the shower do a quick WCD (wash, condition, detangle) routine.

Step Two: Starting at the nape of neck begin applying a generous amount of your favorite curl defining gel or pudding and comb or brush through. Or you can use your fingers to rake the product through the hair.

Step Three: Continue applying product through each section.

Step Four: Afer applying the product, run your head under the shower for a few seconds. You want your hair to be dripping wet. (If you are not inclined to do this in the shower or don't have the time, you can use a spray bottle filled with water).

Step Five: Now SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! Shake your head up and down and left and right.

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(Be careful not to take out your neck ©) You should feel or begin to see curls defining.

Step Six: Afer a nice shake, don't touch your hair! Allow your hair to air dry.

Optional. If you do not have time to air-dry you can blow-dry with a diffuser attached to the blow dryer.

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