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Haircare Guide For Best Hairstyles With Bangs 

Dry hair results in hair that sheds, breaks and is damaged. All hair types, especially curly/coily/kinky textures, have a tendency to be more on the dry side, which can be caused by a number of reasons: toxins in the hair, ingredients in our products, the hardness of the water we wash it with, our lifestyles, or our genes. Paying attention to your hair’s moisture needs is extremely important.

Remember that our hair is a part of our body which means that it generally likes the things that are good for the body. What does our body require when it is thirsty? Water! When you are thirsty do you pour yourself a big glass of oil to quench your thirst? No. When you are thirsty do you grab some butter to quench your thirst? No. Although there are other beverages that people may choose to drink when they are thirsty, there is no liquid that quenches your thirst like water does.

The most common reason for limp lack luster hair is the acute lack of moisture. Another sign of too little moisture in your hair is static electricity. While a moisture content of 10% is sufficient for the skin, hair needs 15 to 17% water.

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