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Make it last A fragrance evolves on your skin. Before you commit to a new bottle, you have to live with it for a little while. Spritz it on your skin and notice how long it lasts. See how it smells by the time evening comes, and observe how people react to it. If you’re comfortable wearing a perfume, if it makes you feel utterly beautiful, then you’ve found your special signature number.

Always apply a scent to the hottest part of your body to ensure longevity.

Perfume your pulse points – your wrists and your neck – so the smell can diffuse. Many women mist their fragrance into the air, before stepping into it. It’s not necessarily the number-one trick, but it

works, and is a lovely, romantic ritual to perform every day.

Fragrance lasts longer on your hair than on your skin because of hair’s molecular structure. It’s a good idea to spritz your hair when you’re getting ready. There are many ways to apply fragrance, and they’re all personal – you can layer more than one scent, or perfume a scarf if you’re wearing one – just don’t go too far!

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