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The main aim of Ayurvedic medicine (which is only one branch of Ayurveda) is to improve health and longevity, leaving the individual free to contemplate matters of the spirit and to follow a spiritual path.This does not mean that you have to be spiritual or religious to benefit from Ayurvedic medicine; the system is very practical in its applications and deals with all kinds of health problems, without spirituality ever being mentioned. Its main focus is nutrition, supported primarily by the use of herbs, massage and aromatic oils, but there are many complementary branches as well.

Ayurvedic philosophy encourages those who practise it to eat the fruits and seeds of the earth, Half moon fade haircut rather than take the life of animals. Since some animal products have in fact been included in this introductory guide, they should only ever be used in strict moderation. Let common sense and sensitivity be your guide.

The branches of Ayurvedic medicine include specific diets, surgery, jyotish (Vedic astrology), psychiatry and pancha karma (cleansing and detoxifying techniques). Yoga is not a branch of Ayurveda, but since it shares the same roots you will find that the two are often practised together. Yoga includes meditation, mantras (prayer chants), yantras (contemplation of geometric visual patterns) and hatha yoga (practices for bringing great harmony to the spirit, mind and body).

If you are actually much more interested in the many spiritual aspects of Ayurvedic teachings, then it is strongly recommended that you think very seriously about taking up yoga so that it becomes a regular part of your life.

A/lost people clearly benefit from meditation or yoga, which can help to illuminate the pathway to inner relaxation and peace.

Instead of using modern psychology to group people into types, try using the ancient doshas. They pinpoint and identify three basic types of people, which in turn helps you to a greater self-awareness and to an appreciation of others. The doshas are also excellent ways of helping you to fine-tune and regulate your lifestyle, bringing greater peace and well-being. The doshas are not just terms, they are ways of actively improving your life.

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