Half Up French Twist Hairstyles

Humble we disagree obsessed with you on ball DC to do with LC it’s Rafi anything a 2d post Sony post go and find a premie D look at home yeah I’m not on the way be equally bonjour today I’m going to show you how to create this beautiful romantic and classy half-up French twist all you’re going to be needing for this hairstyle is some bobby pins and I’m also wearing my hair extensions I’m wearing the ombre chestnut set let’s begin the first thing I’m going to do is grab a section from the left bring it over grab a bobby pin and then just pin it in place.

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So I’m just gonna slide it from the top down you might want to use a second one here but, I feel like one is good for me then what I’m going to do next is grab a section from the right I’m going to bring it over and grab two of my fingers and wrap the section around this fingers and then I’m gonna create a loop I’m gonna wrap this loop around two of my fingers and then I’m just gonna hold it in place with my left hand and while, I hold it in place I’m gonna grab a couple of bobby pins that I’m going to slide one from the bottom it’s just from the bottom up and then I’m going to grab another bobby pin and slide it from the top all the way down to make sure that this loop is safe and secure if you feel like you need another bobby pin or tooth and doesn’t go ahead and add more but, I feel like for me too is definitely more than enough and voila the hairstyle is ready sit typical mental again. So in Luke. I’ve already grown my hair prior to doing this hairstyle and, I think this half up French twist looks the greatest on wavy or curly hair however it still looks beautiful a straight hair as well could you call them again thank you.

So much for tuning in make sure to like this post down below leave me a comment, I absolutely love reading your comments and comment for more hair tutorials love you guys see you soon hi knees.

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