Half-up Hair Bow Cute Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you this beautiful hairstyle called the half of hair bow quite frankly, I was intimidated by this hairstyle for way too long, I saw a picture of this hairstyle years ago maybe on Pinterest or some other website, I tried it and it didn’t turn out to be perfect. So, I was just like this looks too easy but it’s not when you try it it’s. So hard I’m just not even gonna do it, I give up and then, I never really revisited that hairstyle a couple weeks ago my friend stuff just send me a picture and she’s like why don’t you do this hairstyle, I don’t think you’ve done this it looks.

So beautiful you should totally do it, I don’t like mmm that hateful hair bow I’m not gonna do it you just look. So easy but you’re actually. So hard in practice but then, I was like okay Mimi you know it’s great to challenge yourself once in a while, I tried it again and actually, I got it the first time, I tried it it was.

So much easier this time. So it just goes to show you sometimes you have to try things a few times to actually get it. So today I’m gonna show you quick easy steps to create this half up hair bow, I think it looks absolutely beautiful and, I think it’s perfect for the summer.

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So let’s begin alright. So you’re gonna need just a few simple tools for this hairstyle I’m gonna be using just a hairbrush to brush my hair we’re gonna need some bobby pins we’re gonna need a hair elastic and you’re definitely gonna need two mirrors one small mirror just like that and then one bigger mirror. So you can use your bathroom mirror I’m just using another mirror that, I have under the camera I’m just gonna turn around to show you what I’m doing, I am wearing my lucky hair extensions today and I’m wearing the ombre set because, I think with thicker hair the bowl looks better but it doesn’t mean you can do it on hair without extensions.

So I’m just wearing it for a more dramatic effect. So I’m just gonna turn around and show you what I’m gonna be doing now the first step is I’m gonna take a section from the right and a section from the left bring the two together and tie them with a hair elastic now you just want to make sure you’re not working with a section that’s too thick because that’s going to make it harder to make this bowl. So you type once and then the second time you tie it you don’t completely tie it you do this kind of loopy thing.

So you let you create a loop and then you’re gonna take this section and you’re going to split it in two and that’s going to be your bowl no I’m splitting it by inserting two thumbs inside of the bowl and then I’m going there with my middle finger or you can go with index finger whichever one works better and I’m just spreading out this bore a little bit. So I’m just going to spread it I’m gonna take my bobby pin and I’m gonna go from the bottom and I’m going to insert it into this bowl and then I’m gonna take another bobby pin and I’m going to do the same thing from the top. So that it’s nice and secure then I’m gonna take my left side and I’m gonna do the same thing.

So I’m just gonna spread the hair a little bit first spread it hold it with my index finger I’m gonna go from the top first now insert the bobby pin and then I’m gonna take another bobby pin and assertive from the bottom then you can check your bow in the mirror it’s gonna be really important to do that because obviously you don’t have eyes in the back of your head. So just check the mirror and just readjust the bowls. So they look somewhat similar in size you might want to squish one or spread the other just do whatever you need to do just to make them look more or less equal now the last step of this bow is to create the middle part that’s in between these two sides.

So I’m just going to grab this remainder here I’m not going to take all of it I’m just going to take probably about a little more than 50% of that hair. So I’m just going to grab the section I’m gonna go over my bows and I’m going to create an opening here and I’m going to insert this here in there and then pull it through the bottom. So it’s a bit of an operation to do but it’s really easy in practice you just pull that hair through and again if you need to grab your mirror grab your mirror just make sure nothing is sticking out.

So once i’ve pulled that top section through the loop i’m just going to insert a bobby pin here at the top just to make sure that it doesn’t unravel throughout the day and that’s it alright guys have the hair bow check definitely give it a try you can see it’s very easy like, I said it might take you a few tries to actually get it have two mirrors handy because you’re gonna need them and just practice practice practice until you get it, I think it’s. So beautiful it’s definitely worth practicing thank you. So much for tuning and make sure to take a picture of your bowl once you’ve mastered it I’d love to see your recreations make sure to hashtag Loxy here on your Instagram have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next week buddy guys fine.

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