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Halle Berry is a big believer in bad mojo and in the wake of her split from her husband of two years, Olivier Martinez, she’s planning to unload her Hollywood Hills home. “Halle always sells the houses she’s lived in with a guy after the relationship falls apart,” says a source. “She hates being surrounded by the memories and leftover energy. It’s bad luck.” The actress has been hard hit by the divorce, insiders say; it’s her third, following marriages to David Justice and Eric Benet, and she and Olivier share 2-year-old son Maceo (Halle also has a daughter, Nahla, 7, from her relationship with Gabriel Aubrey). “She’s looking for a fresh start in a brand-new place,” says the source.

The mansion was the site of a 2012 fight between Halle’s then fiance, Olivier Martinez, and exboyfriend Gabriel Aubrey.

Note to Calvin Harris fans: This DJ does not take requests. A witness tells that the Scotsman kicked a woman out of a private event he was playing at Miami’s LIV nightclub after she climbed on a pal’s shoulders and started shouting for her favorite song. “He stopped the show and cursed her out on his mic,” says the spy. “Security basically dragged her out crying.” Temper, temper!

Bonding over Bieber? Tensions were running high at the Night of Generosity Gala in Beverly Hills on Nov. 6, as Justin Bieber sex, Selena Gomez, was seated near his rumored fling Hailey Baldwin. But when Hailey approached Selena, an eyewitness says, the two – , embraced warmly and whispered together. Afterward, Selena was heard saying there are F no hard feelings, says the source. Imagine the ____’ girl talk to come!

Hailey showed respect for Justin Bieber’s ex, says a source.

Scientology has been taking a lot of flak recently, but the cultlike religion seems to have a soothing effect on some of its members. A source says Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss was extremely flustered at a recent photo shoot she arrived late, complained about the wardrobe and panicked when she couldn’t fit into certain garments until she received a call from her Scientology life coach. She left the room for a solid 15 minutes for an audit over the phone, says the source, who observed the day’s events. When she returned to set, she was like a completely new person. She did the rest of the shoot with no issues whatsoever. Chalk one up for L. Ron Hubbard?

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