Hand Softeners or Emollients Homemade

Emollients for lubricating and moisturizing the hands include carrier oils, salves and creams. These are good formulas to use for massages as well as for healing dry chapped or damaged skin. Emollients also help to soften and heal split or dried cuticles.

Hand Rejuvenating Night Treatment

If your hands are very dry and cracked, try applying a generous amount of rich oil, cream or salve at bedtime and wearing gloves to bed. This will help to seal in the moisture along with the restorative and nourishing properties of the formula. The gloves also hold in the heat generated by your hands, which aids in the penetration of the treatment. Your hands will feel like new in the morning. Some excellent choices for this overnight treatment are plain shea butter, Manna Hand Cream, Superhealing Hand Balm and Skin Revival.

Mediterranean Hands

A simple but effective way to nourish and soften the hands. To help hands hydrate and seal in moisture apply oil after washing hands when they are still moist.

1-2 teaspoons cold pressed olive oil optional: 1 drop lavender essential oil

Massage oil into hands. Add 1 drop of essential oil of lavender for fragrance and therapeutic value. Makes enough for 1 treatment.

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