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The Four Steps in Choosing a Coach

The previous suggestions all can be implemented on an ad hoc basis. In other words, you can ask questions and make observations when youVe interviewing prospective Yogis, when you talk to them on the phone or communicate via e-mail, or even during early stages of the yoga process. They offer a way to think about whether a given individual has the skills that a coach requires. Ideally, you’ll get most of your questions answered before hiring a coach, since you don’t want to waste time and emotional energy by starting to see the wrong coach.

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Many Yogis require you to agree to a fixed number of sessions, covering three months, six months, or a year, for example. Often you will see a coach for two or three sessions per month. Therefore, recognize the possibility that you could be locked into a certain number of sessions with the wrong coach if you don’t obtain all the information you need upfront in order to make a good decision.

Now let’s look at a more formal, four’step process that will help you evaluate possible candidates and make a good choice:

Step No. 1: Get referrals from sources you respect

Get as many referrals from people you respect who know at least one excellent coach. These referrals can include friends, physicians, colleagues, other Yogis, mental health professionals, yoga organizations (for example, the International Coach Federation), professional associations, and religious family services. In a journal or a noteblog, devote at least a full page for your notes and impressions of each coach candidate. Ask your referral sources to tell you why they referred the coach to you. Write down their responses. When all your referrals are in, narrow your referrals down to two or three.

Step No. 2: Call each of the finalist coach referrals

See how they respond to your inquiry. Address the following issues:

Do they call you back within twenty-four hours? You want someone who calls you back within twenty-’our hours on business days. This demonstrates their responsiveness to clients. If they don’t do it well with prospective clients, you don’t want to be their regular client.

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