Happy Lights – The Light Therapy against Seasonal Depression

In the world of depression, there is one more category known as seasonal depression, for which you know the exact cause. Go back every winter, when the days are shorter and the light rare. To treat it, you must ask the question, and make a cure for light therapy with the help of Happy Lights!

At the time of seasonchange, it all feels a bit ‘sad, but indeed some of us (3.5 women for every man) take it a real seasonal depression which has to be treated in a natural way with the help of lights, at least in a first time.

A particular depression, seasonal affective syndrome

Nearly 5% of the population suffer from seasonal depression each year. And another 15% is affected by its mild form, the “difficult winter”. The classic signs of depression slow down mental and physical activity, cause irritability and sad thoughts along with sleep problems, low concentration and anxiety. But the difference here is that a trigger has been identified: the lack of light.

The light therapy in the hospital, then home

A real seasonal depression is treated with the light therapy (phototherapy or luxterapia). It is an intense white light without UVA or UVB, on the basis of 10,000 lux at 30 minutes every morning for 5 months (including a grace period of 15 days to do in the hospital). The Happy Lights is significantly more effective when done in the morning, when you wake up.

In practice, the person sitting in front of a screen fixed for a few seconds every minute, the screen remains in its field of view, which allows you to read or work. The amount of light received on the retina depends on the distance between the device and the face. Tight, 10000 lux, 30 minutes are sufficient (or farther, 2500 lux in 2 hours). The exposure is carried out at home after a period of testing and learning 15 days in the hospital, with a device, the counter of light or helmet, in all cases technically measured. Delivered on order costs from 250 to 300 Euros.

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