Harsh Words! Quad & Dr. Jackie Get Heated

Okay, and how’s the ladies been through all this has they’ve been supportive I know obviously dr. Jackie is. But how’s everyone else spent ordeal no gasps Abby, it’s Chad y’all know what to ask you you already know how do people be in you know. Oh there have been some to be extremely supportive, and others who have been self selfish, and the way that they have they’ve been selfish in their thought process they have actually put my needs they they’ve actually put their needs before mine although. I was going through a very traumatic situation does that make sense -. Yeah absolutely I don’t think you know what to do, and what to say having been on both sides of this night having been the person who has gone through infidelity, and meeting that or not wanting friends always to know everything, and having been the friend to read a friend go through it. I don’t know if you know what’s right. So people get it wrong they certainly get it wrong, and they say the wrong things they ask you the wrong questions, and it it becomes a mess. Because you don’t really know what’s right yeah. But you do understand empathy as an adult, and as an educated adult you have to have some level of emotional intelligence to know that wow we just learned in New York that this girl was cheating on him although she was quiet she heard her husband is arrogant about what was you making your value systems there someone else, and everybody doesn’t value that kind of trauma in another person’s life the way you would and. So again I keep encouraging you to understand I understand the mystery to me, it’s mistreating based on your value systems. So I keep saying it over, and over again I don’t know I don’t understand if you if if someone would have met you with opposition after going through something that we have both went through I don’t know if you would would try challenged myself to understand if you would be as understanding I got opposition to you oh yeah. But no one uses you you see where we are real just having done cold here on the Ellen on the show of whatnot, and here’s the thing I’m not angry at anyone all I’m I’m just trying to really hope that my friends. Because although what we went through, and it was tough for me you’ll see it in episode 603 okay they they are still my friends right I I wouldn’t put any of them down. So I want to state that. But I just think for me my approach would have been a bit different okay airfare okay.

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