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Designed to maintain the vitality of styled hair and restore colour treatments, the ColorpHlex Home Care Kit utilises naturally derived vegetable protein molecules. The products are composed to strengthen, condition and fortify hair from root to tip in the comfort of your home! The range includes Hayden Panettiere the ColorpHlex Shampoo, which is sulfate-free and has the Color Strengthening Technology that rejuvenates weak and damaged hair. Sunflower Seed extract naturally protects and reduces colour fadage, while infusing unmatched moisture balance in your hair.

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The ColorpHlex Conditioner locks in colour with Sunflower Seed Extract, while eliminating tangles, restoring moisture, and promoting healthier-looking, softer hair. The ColorpHlex Leave-In Treatment and Detangler helps retain salon results, prolonging their longevity for colour-treated hair, while naturally shielding colour fade from UV damage and fading. It is available at select salons Hayden Panettiere in the country.

To ensure hair health, Godrej Professional has a complete care range comprising of shampoos, masks and styling serums. Developed with high performance formulas and infused with natural ingredients like Avocado, Honey, Argan Oil, Quinoa, and Keratin, the products help strengthen and restore hair to its original health, treats treated and dry frizzy hair. The range is available at exclusive salons across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.

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