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I recommend my client to go ahead with this treatment once in a year. Younger patients require longer period of interval before next session. Hayden Panettiere For a visible difference, one annual session is enough, however, one can repeat it, if required in six month’s time.

Educating clients: I use tools like images of the previous clients and testimonials to educate the client. I make them aware of the technology and equipment involved, plenty of hand holding is required as the results show up only after three months. Hayden Panettiere If possible, I take the clients through the video of the procedure and get them to speak to other clients who have benefited with the treatmeant. Further, I provide reading material as well as links to them to check online. I try to be as transparent as possible in the degree of correction possible. Side-effects: There are no serious side-effects, however, associated symptoms include pain in the jaw or headache, which are transient. The treatment should be done under a trained specialist to avoid nerve palsy. Pre-treatment measures: Not applicable.

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