Health Benefits Of BRAZIL NUTS

Health Benefits Of BRAZIL NUTS

Brazil nuts are exceptionally rich in the mineral selenium (1900-2960mcg). The daily RDI is 55mcg, with an upper level intake of 400mcg from supplements. Brazil nuts are so rich in selenium that it would be a big waste of money to buy a selenium supplement. One Brazil nut a day will provide all your daily selenium requirements, unless you want to eat a 100g serve of liver or 500g of wheat germ, or 600g sunflower seeds or 1kg of tuna!

Brazil nuts really are an essential food item. A prolonged selenium deficiency can increase the risk of asthma, heart disease, HIV infections, arthritis, senility, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, mental fatigue, anxiety and atherosclerosis. Selenium is vital for diabetics, as it stimulates glucose absorption. In a 10-year study, an optimum selenium intake decreased cancer mortality by 50%, especially lung (46%) prostate (63%) and colon cancer (38%). Selenium acts as an antioxidant in

combination with vitamin E, against free radicals, especially from cooked oils. Selenium and the vitamin E (6mg) in Brazil nuts could be considered a life saver.

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Another great benefit of Brazil nuts is the remarkable supply of the amino acid methionine (1008mg). Brazil nuts are the best natural source of this precious limiting amino acid. Nearly all protein foods are deficient in the amino acid methionine and that considerably lowers the real protein potential of many foods.

Brazil nuts supply over 90% of the required methionine amounts. Most foods supply around 30% and that greatly reduces protein value. A small sprinkle of ground Brazil nuts will add protein power to vegetable burgers and any meal. Brazil nuts supply complete protein (14g), plus an excellent source of phosphorus (725mg), potassium (650mg) and magnesium (376mg), and a good supply of calcium (160mg). Brazil nuts supply 66g lipids with 28g monounsaturated, 21g polyunsaturated and 17g saturated.

Most soils and foods are deficient in selenium. For the ultimate selenium antioxidant benefits, crack into the incredible Brazil nut.

C. P. L. CALORIES – total: 566 kcal. per 100 grams

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