Health Benefits Of COCONUT

Health Benefits Of COCONUT

Coconuts are the biggest nut and the coconut palm has been named the ‘tree that sustains life’ from the Sanskrit kalpha vrisha, as it provides food, shelter and a delicious milk drink, also used in numerous recipes. The coconut ‘meat’ is termed copra, and is available as shredded or desiccated. it is great in numerous recipes. Coconut cream makes a dream dish come true.

Coconut is a very satisfying food; it would be nearly impossible to eat a whole one. The rich supply of saturated fats is the main reason. Coconut contains 32g of fat with 30g as saturated fats, no polyunsaturated fats and 2g mono fats. Ideally, saturated fats are best avoided as they raise blood cholesterol levels, The only saving grace is that coconut is eaten raw and therefore the free radical problem is eliminated. If you were marooned on a tropical island for two weeks and coconut was the only food, you might actually consume fewer saturated fats than the average city dweller reliant on takeaway foods. Coconut also provides a great supply of very beneficial fibre (9g), stacks more than takeaway foods. Coconut fibre can destroy tapeworms from ingested, infected meat and it is an ideal snack for protection against constipation. Coconut milk is used for relief from stomach ulcers and sore throats in traditional tropical treatments. Half the battle in the city is to find a fresh coconut, one that has not been allowed to ferment, but is ripe. The taste from a quality coconut is incredible ‘lucky’ as it’s hard to eat large quantities! Coconuts supply a fair amount of potassium (356mg) and a good supply of beneficial organic sodium (20mg).

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Crack open a coconut next time you need a completely cool and super satisfying snack.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

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