Health Benefits Of PECAN NUTS

Health Benefits Of PECAN NUTS

Pecan nuts are similar to hickory nuts. Pecan nuts are the second-best nut source of lipids: 72g to the macadamia’s 76g. But pecans have half the saturated fat (6g) and 10 times the polyunsaturated content (22g) of the macadamia.

In a four-week study, when the pecan nut diet replaced a controlled low-fat diet, it lowered cholesterol by 6.7%, low density lipoproteins by 10% and triglycerides by 11% compared to the low fat diet, both with the same calorie intake.

When pecan nuts replace potato chips as a common snack food, the benefits are undoubtedly even greater, as the number of free radicals from cooked chips is enormous. Try a handful of pecan nuts with an apple, or try a slice of pecan nut pie for that full stomach feeling, instead of chips the benefits are enormous.

Pecan nuts are a good source of phosphorus (277mg or 28% d.v.), plus the magnesium content (121mg or 30% d.v.) gives the pecan nut the right to claim itself as a brain food. The magnesium content is four times that of perch (30mg); however there are 11 grams less of protein (9g) but 4% more potassium (410mg).

Pecan nuts are a good source of dietary fibre (10g or 31% d.v.), vitamin B1 (44% d.v.) plus an excellent source of copper (60% d.v.) and a small amount of vitamin E (1mg). All these factors provide antioxidant benefits. Pecan nuts supply a fair portion of complete protein (9g) and are great in recipes.

Pecan nuts are a most popular nut in the United States. Try a piece of pecan pie with a scoop of ice cream, it’s delightful!

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