A Healthy Boxer’s Diet

Yahya McClain, 2x World Champion Boxer and exMarine wants to get you in shape and just in time of you breaking all of your New Year’s Resolutions, but having the nerve to think you’re going to be looking hot on the beach this summer. Twelve years into the game, he’s trained Laila Ali- 6x World Champion and the greatest female boxer of all time and owns Absoloot Boxing and fitness. Here is his first fitness secret:

I meet people everyday that tell me that or they say that they have been working out for so long, but they can’t lose their stomach.

The Answer Is: YOUR LIFESTYLE! Now when I say lifestyle I don’t mean what kind of car you drive or whether or not you live in a house or an apartment. I mean your everyday life. What you eat, how often you eat, your consumption of water, alcohol, sodas or juice. You must also consider at what time you eat- nothing after 7pm. See you must be ready for a lifestyle change in order to improve your health.

Okay, first things first. Moderation is very important. Too much of anything can turn out bad for you. But let’s go ahead and cut the sweats out all together. Only have them on a very rare occasion as a treat, that’s sodas and juices as well and increase your water intake. A gallon a day will help you to flush your system plus help you to lose weight and flatten that stomach.

In addition to drinking more water, do your crunches and sit ups- leg ups help as well. And if you can get some late night activity going, that helps to exercise the stomach muscles.

Weekly Meal Planner

Monday thru Saturday

Breakfast 2 egg whites no cheese. One of the 3 meat choices ( fish, chicken or turkey) never fried with no skin and a !V cup of oatmeal no milk no butter no sugar. 2 big glasses of water a must.

Snack Meal replacement bars or Protein shake

Low Carbs No sugar. 1 big glass of water a must. One piece of fruit. Mixed nuts are the best snack. No salt no sugar. Followed by 2 big glasses of water.

Lunch A full meal. One of the meat choices with a small amount of brown rice, a small amount of wheat pasta or a baked sweat potatoe with a steamed veggie of your choice. Or a nice size garden salad with one of the meats in it if you like. Water Only.

Snack One of the choices from above. Followed by 2 big glasses of water.

Dinner A salad with low fat dressing of your choice. No croutons no bread. 2 glasses of water a must. You can add a meat but only a light fish. No carbs at all.


It’s your day but don’t forget there is always Monday to weigh in and then pay for your Sunday.

These meals can be switched up to fit you own personal preference. Just follow the guide lines and you can create your own meals.

Always drink plenty of water. The water will keep you hydrated and also keep that belly full (instead of you supplementing that hunger with carbs and sweets). It’s up to you to make it happen. Absoloot Boxing was built on dedication and commitment. I give 100% so I expect the same to everyone that reads this. I took the time to write this out because it works! I expect you to follow it! After all it’s your body we’re talking about. I’m cool!!!

Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life!

Make a change now!!

YAHYA MCCLAIN ABSOLOOT BOXING SWEATORGOHOME. COM at1boxing@gmai1.com 404 423-7153 Personal Trainer/Boxing trainer

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