Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Lose Weight

Chestnuts 10 fresh chestnuts Cut 1/2 small piece out of the top of each chestnut with 1/2 sharp knife. Separately arrange each chestnut around on 1/2 large, shallow, microwave-safe dish, or around the outside of the carousel.

Microwave on high for 50 to 60 seconds Rearrange and turn over each chestnut once during cooking. Allow to stand for 1/2 further 1 minute in your favourite recipes.

Peel and eat hot or use as desired. If the chestnuts have been picked for several weeks and appear to be 1/2 little soft, do not microwave for more than 40 seconds.

Serves 2

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This is a great way to say a big joint thank you to everyone who helped look after your children, cooked meals, visited you in the hospital, or played a role in supporting you and your family during your bed rest. If this is something that interests you, now is a great time to start planning for this party, while you have some time lying in bed. Who would you invite? Is there a theme? What food would you serve? Do you want your guests to sign a book, leave a video message, or sign a picture frame with a welcoming message to your baby? Where would you hold this party? Can you make and address the invitations now, holding off on filling in the date and time? Planning a thank you party can be a great distraction as well as a good way to graciously accept the help you need now, knowing you can thank everyone later for their support. If you’ve made friends with other moms on your unit, you can spend some time planning a party to celebrate the baby’s first birthday. One of the moms on my unit owned a campground on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario. She offered to host the party, putting each family up in a camping trailer for the weekend. We spent hours in the common room planning the party, selecting the date, and looking at pictures of her campground. We also planned a Halloween get-together so we could reconnect and see all the babies after they were out of the NICU (our babies were born in late May and June). Since we were from various communities, up to four hours apart, we spent time determining the most central location. We finally found a community hall to rent near one of the mom’s homes, where we would have room for our older kids to run around and a warm spot for us to meet with our babies.

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