Healthy Eating For Healthy Hair

What we eat has a direct impact on the way we feel and our overall health. Our hair can be affected by just how much nutrition we allow our bodies to receive. Foods that are high in nutrients and water should be consumed daily. A steady diet that includes a generous amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and poultry is recommended for optimum overall health and promotes glowing hair and skin. Always check with your doctor first about your diet and exactly what you should consume in order to be your healthiest.

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APPLES: Apples are somewhat unique. Why? Because they contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals. According to Medical News Today, some of these include vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 B9, E, C, A and K; iron; calcium; magnesium; phosphorus; and more. Be careful when eating apples to avoid eating the seeds. The seeds and core should not be consumed; ingesting too many can be toxic. For more information, check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

VITAMIN A: Vitamin A is found in yellow and orange fruits, dark-green vegetables and fish-liver oil. Sweet potatoes, red peppers, carrots and dried apricots are also great sources of vitamin A.

VITAMIN E: Vitamin E helps the body retain moisture and can be found in wheat-germ and safflower oils. Mustard greens, sunflower seeds, almonds and spinach are also rich in vitamin E.

VITAMIN B: B-complex vitamins are important for hair and skin health and have been known to prevent dry and itchy body conditions. Legumes, eggs, fish and poultry, beets and peanuts contain vitamin B complex.

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