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Adaptation to Ozone

Adaptive response to ozone exposure, as indicated by several different lines of research, occurs in a way that is analogous to the adaptation described above for SO. This adaptive response was initially suggested by a comparison of residents of Los Angeles to residents of Montreal. Since that time, the following research studies have suggested that adaptation reduced pulmonary impairment and fewer clinical symptoms occurs after successive exposures:

Six patients with airway hyperactivity were exposed at rest to ozone for on consecutive days. The pulmonary function decrements observed on days – were mostly reversed by day .

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A series of experiments involving test subjects men, women employed intermittent exercise and a inhalation exposure As summarized by Dr. Lawrence Folinsbee, these experiments showed that adaptation to during exercise requires – days, remains for – days after exposures cease depending on between-subject differences, and is similar in women and men. Figuredepicts the number of days that were required to produce adaptation to O, during exposures, in subjects.

Adaptation to inhaled ozone may be lost completely after a -day interval without exposure.

Adaptation to ozone during exercise may be viewed as a potentially harmful response because of damage to or loss of a normal defense mechanism.

However, the human adaptive responses to ozone inhalation may not be as straightforward as figureimplies. An interesting study conducted at the University of California at Davis suggests that adaptation may be more complex than previously thought. Eight trained males engaged in a cycling protocol while breathing O, which

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