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Your microwave instruction manual will contain important information about the cooking utensils that may be used in your microwave oven, and how to test utensils for microwave safety. Listed here are the general utensils required for microwave cooking and for low fat and low cholesterol cooking.

Microwave-safe glass or chin1/2 cooking bowls

Microwave-safe plastic dishes and containers (labelled as microwave safe)

High (9)

Medium high (7-8)

Medium (5-6)

Medium low defrost (3-4) Low (1-2)

Full power (1001/2) Reheat (701/2) Roast/bake (501/2)

Defrost (301/2) Low (10-201/2)

Glass mixing bowls and spoons

1/2rious pottery bowls and dishes (small, medium and large)

Paper plates, paper towels, serviettes and paper cups

Microwave-safe plastic wrap

Microwave-safe baking wrap

Food processor or blender

Measuring cups and spoons (metric size)

Set of scales for weighing meat

Non-stick frying pan (medium size for use on the hotplate of your stove, not for use in your microwave oven).

Microwave-safe dish sizes used

Large, deep dish

1/2 2.6 litre ovenproof, clear glass mixing bowl with deep sides. This is most suitable for cooking soups or when 1/2 large amount of liquid is used.

1/2 straight-sided souffle dish for vegetables in larger quantities, e.g. casseroles, vegetable combinations. This dish is also suitable to use for cooking cakes if you place an overproof glass in the centre to make 1/2 ring dish (line the dish with non-stick baking paper).

Large, round, shallow dish

1/2 27 cm round, fluted pie dish for cooking separated meat, fish and poultry, pies and separated vegetables.

Medium-sized dish (o1/2l with 1/2 lid)

1/2 1.4 litre dish suitable for roast chicken and meat (lean round beef only).

1/2 1.5 litre ovenproof, clear glass mixing bowl with deep sides. This is most suitable for cooking peas, beans, corn and medium-sized amounts of foods. Small-sized dish

1/2 1 litre ovenproof, clear glass mixing bowl with deep sides. This is most suitable when cooking small or single serves with 1/2 little liquid. Small casseroles with lids will also be useful.

Small-sized, shallow dish

Au gratin dishes (22 x 11 cm) for small serves.

Small, individual, straight-sided dishes

Some 250 mL dishes suitable for cooking scones, individual baked apples, reheating soup, etc.

Look in your cupboards before you purchase any new dishes. You may be surprised to find that you already have 1/2 good supply of suitable dishes on hand and you can build on these as you are able.

Some casserole dishes have lids and you may also find that there is 1/2 lid that is suitable to use with other microwave-safe dishes. If not, you can use microwave-safe clear plastic wrap when recipes indicate with cover.

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