Hear tte name GeorGe Northwood

Hear the name GeorGe northwood and those of Alexa and Rosie aren’t far behind. And it’s no surprise that the go-to hairstylist of Misses Chung and Huntington-Whiteley knows how to create gorgeous, poufy locks. ‘Te key to volume is a good cut and the right products,’ says George. ‘First up, ask your stylist for a blunt cut on the ends. Te more you layer it, the fner it’ll look.’ Once at home, use a hydrating shampoo, like Pureology Hydrate Shampoo, £14.85, and Conditioner, £14.85, feelunique.com. ‘Next, go for volumising products, used sparingly,’ advises George.

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‘Spray a root lif (mousse weighs down the hair) a couple of inches away from the roots (Brides loves Root Lif, £22, Sachajuan at feelunique.com), then rough-dry with your head upside down. I like Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifer, £16.45, Pureology at allbeauty.com.

Hear tte name GeorGe Northwood

Finally, backcomb the hair using a matte powder or dry shampoo. Tey swell the hair and remove grease for a lighter, more voluminous fnish.’ VIP Volume in Powder (far right) acts as an all-in-one.

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